Co-Pilot – Our tried and tested Technical Architecture methodology modules.




Architectural Review

The IT architecture is a key component in supporting the goals and objectives of any business. The correct architecture to support business solutions is a foundation for developing large, complex, distributed systems that are robust, secure, reliable, scalable, available  and performant to any implementation.

Structured interviews with key personnel;

Review of existing documentation and component parts of the architected solution;

Recommendation Report creation and presentation.

Application Solution Review

Validates that the application(s) are built to meet the business needs and utilise investment made in a beneficial manner.

Interviews to review and understand the business requirements;

Review of Solution documentation and deviations/enhancements to standard product;

Recommendation Report creation and presentation

Development Review

Poorly written or developed code can lead to performance issues and is usually the root of user frustration with a new system. This review validates that the application(s) code is built efficiently, that there are no inefficient queries and that Best Practices are adhered to.

Interviews to review and understand user frustration with the solution, identify slow forms and reports.

Review SQL setup an configuration;

Review code development and best practices adoption;

Recommendation Report creation and presentation.

Integration Strategy and Review

Integration does not come in a shrink-wrapped box. Despite the promises and predications of the late 1990’s, it is not a single product or technology. Nor is it a final endpoint accomplished with a single project. An Integration strategy focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes that run the business.

Structured interviews with key personnel;

Review of the existing integrations;

Report providing a coherent and consistent approach to integration that will guide implementation decisions and reduce costs on tactical projects, while laying the foundations for business agility and future projects.

Data Migration Strategy

Data migration is a key deliverable to a successful implementation but is often overlooked. An effective data migration  strategy  can avoid increased cost, project overrun and decreased employee morale amongst other things.

Structured interviews with key personnel;

High level review of legacy data and recommendations for migration;

Strategy document that attempts to strike the optimal balance between data accuracy, migration speed, low or no downtime, and minimum costs.

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