Co-Pilot – Our tried and tested Environment Management methodology modules.




Testing & QA Health Check

Using industry recognised TPI® approach to provide an objective means to pragmatically review the status of your current Test methodologies & processes. Identifying areas for improvement, defining measured and controlled improvement steps, based on your business priorities and objectives.

Structured interviews with key personnel.

Review of existing test documentation,  processes and tools.

Completion of TPI® Health Check Questionnaire.

Recommendation Report creation and presentation.

Test Strategy Creation

No matter the delivery methodology, we will deliver a Test Strategy and Approach, using the TMAP methodology as a foundation on top of over 20+yrs Test delivery experience which will lock quality and relevance into your project.

Interviews to review and understand the project/delivery objectives. Review of Project documentation to determine the test collateral and delivery of a tailored Test Strategy supporting the delivery & project objectives

Test Framework Delivery

Using the proven TMAP methodology we will deliver a comprehensive Test Framework. This is a set of documents which supports your overall testing process and delivery capability

Interviews to review and understand the test process.  Create Guidelines, Templates, checklists and procedures to support the testing process

Tool guidance and adoption


Ensuring the relevant approach and evidence is available for audit and compliance requirements is a growing concern for many organisations. Failure to meet these requirements can damage reputation.

Collation and maintenance of an auditable evidence vault.

Creation of a governance approach containing appropriate control gates.

Working with audit and compliance teams to deliver SOX, ITAR and ICoFAR requirements


Locking quality into the delivery lifecycle. Ensuring there are quality metrics enshrined in agreements, project charters and contracts

Quality | Knowledge | Integrity

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