Co-Pilot – Our tried and tested Data Migration methodology modules.




Data Migration Strategy

Data migration is a key deliverable to a successful implementation but is often overlooked. An effective data migration  strategy  can avoid increased cost, project overrun and decreased employee morale amongst other things.

Structured interviews with key personnel;

High level review of legacy data and recommendations for migration;

Strategy document that attempts to strike the optimal balance between data accuracy, migration speed, low or no downtime, and minimum costs.

Data migration process and Identifying the best approach

Defining the data migration process, scope and approach is a key factor for any successful data migrations.  Most of the successful migrations will define these upfront before embarking on data migrations

Identify the best solution for customer specific legacy migrations.

Identifying the tools, processes and approach for migrating the data

Defining the scope for migration after the interactions with business team

Data entity specifications, templates

Data migration framework

Migration framework to support rapid and parallel data migrations for enterprise level companies who has presence globally

Automating data validations and ETL process

Design and development of customised data migration framework to fit customer specific migrations

Data Validation and Reconciliation

Data validation and reconciliation process is key to success of transforming data between legacy and target systems

-Data validations reports source àstage àTarget

-Data reconciliation reports at every phase of data migration (source àstage à Target

Data migration and Cutover plans

Detailed plans to guide the business to follow the path to success

-Detail data migration plan

-Cutover plan

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